Washi Stickers Four Piece Variety Set

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Stickers made out of real washi paper?! It's true!

For size reference, a standard roll of washi tape is 15mm wide. 

This set includes four sheets. Two sheets are 100mm x 145mm and the other two sheets are 145mm x 200mm.  

The first sheet contains 11 black and white stickers of varying designs. The second sheet contains 10 colorful stickers, most with words on them. The third sheet contains 7 large floral stickers. The fourth sheet contains 12 mouthwatering dessert stickers. 40 stickers total!  

Stickers will be shipped between two pieces of cardboard for protection. 

International customers: I have to put a fairly high item weight to account for the protective cardboard. If you want to order multiple stickers sheets, the store may end up overestimating your shipping. Please contact me with any questions! 

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