Life Updates

Becca Peter

About a month ago, my son was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. We are super fortunate to have family who live fairly close to the hospital that we can stay with indefinitely. I brought my washi tape inventory down to the mainland with me. If he is not in the hospital, I can usually get orders shipped within a few days. If he is admitted, I can usually get away from the hospital for a bit on weekends to get orders shipped. I really enjoy running Pretty Packages, and I want to keep it up while we are on...

We're Back!

Becca Peter

Thank you all for your patiences while I was on vacation. I am now back home and packing orders, I hope to have everyone shipped by tomorrow, Friday February 9 :)

Store on Vacation!

Becca Peter

Hi everyone, I am away from the store from Jan 31 through Feb 9. Please feel free to order while I am gone, orders will begin shipping again Feb 10. If I receive a lot of orders while I am gone it may take me a few days to catch up.  Thank you for your patience! If you have any questions feel free to contact me via social media or email